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Bach Flowers Therapy

Bach Flowers Therapy

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“Health depends on being in harmony with our souls” - Dr Edward Bach

Bach flower therapy is a complementary, non-invasive, gentle therapy with no side effects. The remedies are obtained from plants, most of them flowers and which act on a psychoemotional level.

This holistic approach to health and disease was developed by Dr. Edward Bach more than 70 years ago. The key features of Dr. Bach's system are clarity and simplicity. He felt a strong spiritual connection with Hahnemann, Hippocrates, Paracelsus, and shared their view and belief that "there are no diseases, only sick people." He also believed that nature always has a solution to our problems. Dedicated to finding a simpler and more natural way of treatment "that requires nothing to be destroyed or changed", Dr. Bach "discovered" the floral essences.

He considered that no disease occurs by chance. He stated that the disease of the body itself is nothing but the result of the disharmony between soul and mind. And healing is not just about alleviating physical pain. This therapy sees beyond the physical body and helps us not only physically but also spiritually, to be in balance with ourselves, but also with those around us. These wonderful floral essences are meant to balance the emotional slips, the blockages that are installed in the mental plane and of which, many times, we are not aware and can affect our life. In short, we can say that Bach flower therapy is a therapy for body, mind and soul.

There are 38 individual remedies and 1 combination remedy (Rescue Remedy). All are obtained from floral essences, except one - spring water.

Following the principle of Bach's method of "treating the patient, not the disease", for each individual a specific combination of floral essences is created, which heals and establishes harmony in a human body, balancing and harmonizing the whole personality, directly affecting the human energy system.

When you take a drop of that remedy, your energy field receives the essence of the flower. There is no possibility of overdose, no side effects and no discrepancies with other treatment methods. They can be administered to any person (children, pregnant women, the elderly) as well as flowers and animals, this therapy being non-toxic.

Bach flower remedies work effectively in acute emergencies, unpleasant moods and emotions, deep-rooted emotions, personality traits. Remedies are also commonly used for the following situations or conditions: anxiety, depression, fear, sensitivity to the environment and people, feelings of loss and pain, doubt, loneliness, anger, criticism, lack of confidence, life transitions, fatigue.

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