Clients Reviews

Sorin has a heartfelt desire and passion to improve the health of his clients. He has been a pleasure to work with, and indeed know. Having a life coach can be a vital step in taking control of one’s health, and I would recommend working with Sorin (while keeping an open mind) to anyone that wants to take back control of their health/life. Joe - Canada

Joe P. Client

I met Sorin in the community connected to Dr. Joe Dispenza. I was newly diagnosed with brain cancer and was in need for conversation on how to heal, and support my body the best. I found profound knowledge in Sorin Marincat on both the spiritual side of my illness , the psychology behind it and what diet to keep. SM has several tools he works with and through and no matter what I came across, he found new ways to support me. I still have way to go,- and things I didn’t fulfill yet,- in my diet e.g. and especially though the fasting. But this too shall come :-). I am very grateful for the help and advice I have received on my journey up to now and I will anytime wholeheartedly recommend following the advice of Sorin. All the very best Susanne Hyldgaard/ (psykotherapist and soundartist (Sgaard)).

Susanne Hyldgaard Client

I was fortunate enough to know Sorin. So 2 years ago, I was struggling with the sickness that I was diagnosed with in 2016. Sorin helped me to unblock the stuck energies that was in my body since childhood by doing some self-work. He is very kind and coaches me every step of the way. Recently, Sorin has been using a biofeedback machine that is beyond amazing. It connects to our subconscious mind to find out the causes of all ailments. To my knowledge, our subconscious knows everything. And the machine helps to resolve the issues layer by layer. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be able to know him and work with him. He is the most gifted human being. Thank you for being here and being you, Sorin.

M. Ton Client

I met Sorin through a recommendation from a friend. He is very kind and very helpful. He helps me correct some of the problems in my body by using the Eductor 1 machine. He is very kind and a super nice person to work with. When working with him, I am able to learn a lot of information, which is very helpful for me. Those details that will assist me in self-releasing all of the traumas or problems that have been stored in my body. I love to work with him. I am getting better physically and emotionally. Thank you.

Phuong A. Client

I had wanted for several years to access Bach flowers remedies therapy, but I could not find the right person to embark on this path of knowledge and healing alike. Gina came into my life at a time when all the negative forces seemed to have joined forces with the ultimate goal of leaving me without energy😀 (stress, fatigue, exhaustion, unhealed trauma and many unanswered questions). I was helped first of all by Gina's professional way of approaching all aspects of therapy, a positive attitude that also takes into account the reality of today, the calm and tranquility transmitted, the precious advice I received every time, the care that he showed it, being quite a few situations in which I was "questioned" to verify the effectiveness of the established combination of remedies. I noticed the beneficial effects of the remedies prescribed by Gina from the beginning of their administration (so it was with me), thus giving me the confidence that I am on the right track, with the right person by my side, which is why the rest of the family took courage and now use this type of remedy. However, it is important to be aware that a good therapist can work wonders if patients want this and the healing effort and desire must come from both sides. Otherwise, we stay at the stage where we only knew a good therapist. Nicoleta, Brasov

Nicoleta Client

Following your treatment, after only 5 sessions I noticed a significant decrease in the allergy symptoms I was suffering from. If before starting the treatment I had to take anti-allergy pills (Xyzal) to make the symptoms disappear, now I noticed that they disappear without taking pills, spontaneously and quickly. Thank you very much for your help!

Andreea A Client

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