Angel Centre

"If You are not ready to change your life, no one can help you."

Natural, Safe & Non-Toxic

Our approach to therapy is safe for people of all ages, to get to the root cause of their suffering and heal faster

No Distance Is Too Far

The therapies can be done remotely, from the comfort of your home, making care immediate and convenient for your needs

Accelerate Your Healing

The therapies are complementary to allopathic medicine so that you can begin to heal faster and on a deeper level

Prevention & Corrective

Complementary therapies provide evidence-based results to prevent disease and correct whatever issues that currently exist

Centrul Angel

Angel Centre


At Angel Centre we believe that a holistic approach to healthcare is optimal for our patients health and well-being. To achieve this we are bringing together experienced, passionate and professional practitioners who collaborate as a team to ensure patients are treated in an optimised manner addressing immediate conditions as well as understanding and managing the underlying cause and risk factors. 

Complementary therapies have for many years supported people in reaching their optimum health and well-being. The wide range of therapies that we offer at the Angel Therapy Centre offers you a variety of Complementary treatments and support.