EDUCTOR is an automatic, computer-operated non-invasive device which combines all biofeedback applications into a unique device created for body analysis and energy balancing.

The Eductor communicates with your unconscious mind which has extensive knowledge of you which is about 97% of what is really going on with your body and mind. Anything that is affecting your health and well-being is outlined. The Eductor has a database of test frequencies for over 11 000 substances, which makes this machine unlike any other. It scans the body (much like a virus-scan on a computer) against its vast library of these 11 000 test substances and then produces a list of items that are causing imbalances in the body. The EDUCTOR is able to scan your entire body at a speed of approximately 1/100th of a second for each substance. Therefore, the testing procedure is completed in only approximately 3 minutes. Once your imbalances have been identified, a unique program is selected from among 85 different vibrational biofeedback therapies to help bring you balance and relief. These therapies are well known, safe, widely accepted, and used daily by thousands of clients/patients worldwide. The range of detection includes virus, bacteria, parasites or fungi, nutritional deficiencies (mineral, vitamin, amino acid or enzyme deficiencies), environmental and internal toxins, hormone destabilization, emotional blocks, mental blocks, inherited conditions, spiritual factors, etc.

With this information, it sends energy back to you to balance you out, as it will then find and alleviate stress, increase your energy levels, enhance your general health and state of mind, improve physical and mental performance, and reversing the downward trend of disease. Also, it can help correct underlying causes of aging, Release addictions, allergies, food sensitivities, digestive problems, stress, fatigue, insomnia, depression, skin problems, headaches, tensions and MUCH MORE.

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