Distant Sessions

Quantum Biofeedback therapies can take place in person where the user is connected with sensors placed on their head, back, hands and legs that transmit the metrics to the device, but they can also be done remotely regardless of where the person is. According to quantum theory the universe is composed of atoms and subatomic particles that are interconnected. Everything in the universe is made of these elements, human beings too.

Every person has a very specific and unique energy within the quantum world. This energetic ID is allocated at the time they are born. Quantum Biofeedback devices can locate a person anywhere in the world by simply using their full name, date and place of birth. The system can only connect with a person who has granted permission to do so.

How does the Eductor locate you?

You have a specific frequency through your current name, birth date and birth location. If you have your birth time then that is also added. This signature is very specific to you.

To understand this better, this signature is similar to your cell phone number. People can call you with your specific number, regardless of where you are located. You don’t see the physical connections between you and your caller, but you are still connected through a wireless network. All that is required is to have a sender and a receiver.

With the Eductor, your personal information creates the connection between it and your unique quantum energy fields. In this case, the sender is the Eductor device and the receiver is you.

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What is great about virtual sessions?

  • You receive them from home, you just relax
  • It has the same effects
  • It works better for children, animals
  • Someone hospitalised can receive a session
  • People with cardiac problems, pace makers, younger than 3 years old and pregnant can only receive sessions without cables

Virtual Quantum Biofeedback is as effective as face to face and is specially good for:


Since you don't need to move from home or do anything in particular while you are receiving a session. It's a way of taking care of yourself with comfort and flexibility of time.


Whether you want to take care of your children, pets, someone in hospital we can do it with virtual sessions. It's an amazing tool to support health and wellbeing at distance.


If you leave in a small town or remote area it's not always easy to find the quality or the kind of health solution that you really want. Through virtual sessions you don't compromise.

Virtual sessions are also very beneficial to support performance during exams, during a sport competition (stimulate oxygenation) and I recommend it for sensitive occasions to have a inner sense of safety during an operation, giving birth, etc.

Therapy steps are the same with F2F therapies.

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