INITIAL FULL SESSION (First Consultation)

2.5 hours

The Eductor is connected to the client via rubber electrodes on your ankles, wrists and forehead.

The session starts with a quick painless test that asks for the cells reaction (biofeedback) to a database of vibrational stimulus. This is like a virus check on a computer, and throughout the therapy part of the session, the health practitioner focus on weaknesses, allergies, toxic reactions, abnormalities, and imbalances.

Once the test is complete, the system identifies what kind of ‘therapy program’ will work for you.

Therapy steps:


Intake form and SOC panel (10 mins):

Terapeutul vă va pune întrebări pentru a completa formularul initial, precum și panoul Suprimare și Obstrucție la Vindecare sau „SOC”, care identifică problemele legate de stilul de viață și ofera cateva indicii ale riscurilor legate de starea de sanatate a pacientului.


Calibrarea și testul principal (10 minute):

The device is then calibrated and the main test proceeds for about 3 minutes. The biofeedback device will measure multiple indicators from your body. Lay comfortably on a bed or sofa and relax. Try to limit your movements and breathe. There is no chatting between the therapist and the patient during this stage.


Analysis (30 mins):

When the test is complete, the therapist shares relevant findings from the evaluation with the patient. Patients are often surprised by the accuracy of the diagnosis. This is a good time to chat with the therapist and ask questions.


Correction (80 mins):

The practitioner reviews the highest risk items and begins to attempt correction of priority conditions. This process usually begins with balancing of minerals, vitamins, and organs to better enable the body to begin healing. 


Recommendations (20 mins):

The patient receives advice on the specific areas that need improvement and the therapist may also recommend nutritional supplements or natural remedies to support the rebalancing process.

 After your first session on the EDUCTOR, we will recommend and discuss subsequent therapeutic suggestions. These may include further EDUCTOR Therapy, Nutrition & Dietary Advices, Herbal Support, Lifestyle changes, etc.  

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