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"The eyes are the mirror of the soul"

Iridology is the Analysis of a persons overall state of health through an examination of the colour, patterns and structure of the iris (coloured part of the eye), sclera (white of the eye) and pupil.

It has a reflex connection to all bodily systems and organs via the central nervous system. It can reveal a persons overall state of health and wellbeing, and indicate levels of tissue activity, inflammation, toxicity, strengths and weaknesses.

Iridology is an effective screening tool enabling you to understand your individual constitution, genetic inheritance and determine potential health conditions at an early stage even before medical tests are able to diagnose a specific disease. It is possible to reverse imbalances and disease conditions before they become chronic. Although Iridology does not diagnose specific diseases, it can accurately pinpoint areas and systems of the body that are under or over active in their function.  It can see constitutional patterns that can create disease if lifestyle choices play into systemic weaknesses.

The Iris is the most complex external structure of the human anatomy, it is the only brain tissue to meet the outside world. There are around 28 thousand nerve endings in this Reflex Zone, these are connected by impulses to every tissue of the body through the brain, spinal chord and nervous system. These nerve fibres reflect specific tissue and organ conditions with a corresponding physiological reflex manifested in the Iris as patterns and colour variations.

Benefits of iridology

Holistic assessment Iridology is seen as a holistic screening tool that provides insights into a person’s overall health and well-being and aims to identify underlying imbalances or weaknesses in the body that may not be immediately apparent through other diagnostic methods.

Early Detection: Iridology can help detect early signs of potential health issues or disease tendencies before they manifest fully. By identifying specific iris markings or discolorations, we gain insights into the individual’s constitution and prevention for potential health risks.

Personalised Approach: Analysis of the iris can provide personalised information about an individual’s unique health needs and susceptibilities. This information can then be used to tailor lifestyle changes, dietary adjustments, or other holistic interventions to promote well-being and prevent potential health problems.

Non-invasive and Painless: Iridology is a non-invasive and painless procedure without the need for invasive tests or procedures.

Complementary Approach: Some individuals may find value in using iridology as a complementary approach alongside conventional medical care. It is important to note, however, that it should not be used as a substitute for medical diagnosis, treatment, or advice.

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